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01. About prison...
02. Methods of torture
03. Methods of torture (continued)
04. Re-education in the communist spirit
05. The worst torture... Mother - poetry written in Gherla
06. Values met in prison
07. Release from prison, forced residence - commune Latesti
08. Road to Latesti, personalities exiled in forced domicile
09. Exiled personalities in forced domicile in the village of the great dignitaries - Latesti at the Dima fam Mrs Maresal Antonescu to fam Preda - Nelu the youngest boy in the USA Paul Goma - personality and friend who guided me to read madam Praporgescu Zelea Codreanu's ex-wife Prince Sultiu famous female pilot Nadia Rusu - shut down 40 Russian planes Alexandru Bogorin Puiu Ionescu Mrs Fanea Rebreanu Constantinescu Plapumaru - founded the Communist Party in Romania Mrs. Emilia Bratu - former Vaida George Bogaciu dascal - the postmaster the great footballer Ozon
10. Jesus in the cell - poetry
11. Life of a former inmate, threats from security a future with closed doors, no high school diploma, no collage after 2 1/2yr for me Ristea Priboi security officer, now is a senator in US dr. Daniel Lee - cardiology assistance program, more then i ever dreamed
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12. Religious discussions memorized golden verses, daily prayer
13. Guardians - Chameleonism of the Guards selected by brutality and stupidity Pop the glasses - the guard who did not beat but swear beaten by one of the brothers Somlea (three) Potato, Cioc and I rescued by political commander Istrate who pulled the gun at him I spent 5 days in a coma priest John of Vladimiresti did not eat or drink all week, only prayed the prison commander of Gherla - Goiciu
14. Guardian Elijah - the fear of prison, swearing continuously, as if he were the devil I was muttering, "That's how much I have in this world" wonder for political prisoners
15. Elijah's Change has become a wonder for political prisoners father and Armenian crying when he often heard Elijah's chiming Elijah went mad: he became a king of the reins Elijah died in hospital and was found on his knees
16. When God intervenes! old Mazare asks me to sing his singing the guards burst in and ask who sang 7-day isolation punisment a day with two food without food isolated us 5 in the room: father, Mazare, priest, soldier from Lord's Army we start singing and she opens the door he took us out and took us to the ironworks and put us in handcuffs from the 4mm screwed flatband Dad's right hand was full of blood and swollen over handcuffs God, can't you see I can't do it anymore? says dad Thank you God says Dad took out his right hand for twenty days my father took out his right hand and helped the others. before the guard came and put it back in the handcuff
17. Goodbye